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Sunday, August 08, 2004

The death of V's fish

I'm still at my cousins house, and will be until the afternoon. My mom called my aunt, and decided she would update me on my fish, she said 1 of the grey ones is dead, Samuel Jackson is fine, and the fish are swimming around, she asks about food, but there is none, my cousin V has the food, I took my share of it, but I can't get it to the fish until this afternoon. I bring up feeding them cheez-its, but we decide to just wait till this afternoon.

Meanwhile, their have been mass deaths in my cousin's fish bowl. I'll start from the beginning, he got a bowl (3/4 the size of mine) and put the fish in it. The first thing he did was flush the fish that died on the way to my house. Next, he named a couple of this fish he liked Tony, and Justin Timberlake, and the twins. That night he found out that Tony was dead, and he flushed him.

Then we woke up this morning, and one fish was dead, and the water was very dirty, and he made a new bowl. At about noon we started eating breakfast we noticed that one more fish was dead, then we saw Justin Timberlake dying he moved a little, then he stopped moving, we also found out one of the twins was dead, he flushed all three.

My cousin V was then thinking about what to do, he thought about dumping them all in a creek, but his sister told him it's filled with sewage and they would die, his mom thought they would be better off if he flushed them all. He eventually decided to make a little pond to give them more room. He got a tiny plastic pool with about a 2 feet diameter. Put rocks and stuff in it, filled it with water, dumped the fish in it them fed them.

Were soon going to a bagpipe festival so I don't know if more of his fish will die, and I don't know if any more of my fish will be dead when I get back (hopefully Samuel Jackson will be fine.)


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