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This is the story of the 12 goldfish I bought for a dollar at the fish store.

Monday, August 09, 2004

The Killer Water

So I was talking about the fish tonight, and my plan to give them tons of food, since they must all be starving, and then that's when I found out the reason the fish are dying, my parents told me our tap water has tons of chemicals in it! The fish are dying because they are swimming in water that is filled with vitamins, minerals, or something or other that's killing them.

So I drove to the grocery store to buy some distilled water, to try to save the now 4 fish that were still alive. It cost $1.09, I could have got it cheaper, but I wanted the official distilled water, not the cheap stuff.

When I got back the fourth fish was dying, he was at the top of the water, but he wasn't on his side, he was diagonal, and when I touched him with a spoon we swam a little. So I filled up the bowl with the good water, put the rocks and plants in, and put food in.

So right now there are 2 fish left from the gold tribe, abd 2 fish left from the grey tribe. Who will win Survivor: Fish??? I decided to name the diagonal (gold) fish SA, for Stayin Alive, because he was on the brink of death, but now he has a chance! I named the big grey one skills, because he was the hardest to catch, and he flips alot. I named the other grey one sneaky, because he hides alot, and is always the hardest to find. I named the other goldfish Biggie F, I named him that because, I figured he would likely be the last fish that was gold, so I decided to take the letters of Last Of The Store Bought Gold Fish, or LOTSBGF, or Lots Bg F, that's kinda like Lots of Big F, so I thought, what's Bigger then big? What's lots of big, and I came up with Biggie, Biggie Fish, or Biggie F.


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